About SUA

More than 80% of Albertans will experience back pain in the lifetime.

Many back aches and injuries are the product of having poor posture while doing everyday activities at work, home and beyond.

Straighten Up Alberta (SUA) is a public education program offered by Alberta’s chiropractors, designed to increase self-awareness of posture and guide Albertans in strengthening their posture to improve spinal health. The SUA program is easy to perform, takes only minutes and can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

When evaluated, study participants who practiced Straighten Up for at least five weeks reported1:

  • improved their posture,
  • strengthened core muscles, and
  • that their backs were more comfortable from sitting and standing more upright
[1] Kirk, R. (2006). A Short Introduction to Straighten Up. Retrieved from Straighten Up America: http://www.straightenupamerica.org/Introductions/index.html

"For years, people assumed stretching was something only athletes needed to do before exercising or competing. But the reality is that doing simple stretches just two or three times a week can dramatically help anyone increase flexibility, improve balance, and relieve the pain caused by muscle and joint stiffness." - Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School