Straighten Up Alberta


What is Straighten Up Alberta?


A free, public service program, Straighten Up Alberta is a
three-minute-a-day, easy-to-perform, stretching program. Used by anyone as a warm-up, cool down, stand-alone routine or ergonomic break, Straighten Up Alberta has a number of benefits resulting in better posture and improved spinal health.


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Why do Straighten Up Alberta?


Straighten Up Alberta is the only program specifically designed and completely dedicated to improving posture and spine health. When evaluated, study participants who practiced Straighten Up for at least five weeks reported:

  • improved their posture,
  • strengthened core muscles, and
  • that their backs were more comfortable from sitting and standing more upright


How do you know if you have strong posture?


While standing, lift your left foot and balance on your right foot. You should

be able to balance for 30 seconds before you feel you need to put your foot



Do you have to shift to keep your balance?


Try it again, but this time lift your right foot and balance on your left. Is it

easier to balance on one side than the other?


If you weren’t able to balance for 30 seconds or had to keep shifting around

to stay upright, you could benefit from stronger posture.